Healthy Mediterranean Food

Healthy Mediterranean Food

September 6, 2021 5 By Marriam

Healthy food is all about the balance of vitamins and minerals. That our body needs on a daily basis to carry out its normal functions. Choosing the right kind of food and then eating your food in moderation is the key to a healthy well balanced life. So today we are doing healthy Mediterranean food prep for the whole day. What’s better than eating healthy Mediterranean food entire day? So Mediterranean diet includes wholesome amount of vegetables and produce. It’s also about whole grains a lot of unprocessed foods. So just real whole foods is the theme here. We are going to be making a handful of recipes that can intertwine with each other.

Meal One

For meal one we are having an egg wrap. So the first thing we’re going to do is crack some eggs open. However many eggs you want to eat. And you can do a combination of egg and egg whites as well. Add in a little bit of everyday seasoning. Let’s whip this up and as you’re doing this fire up a skillet. This is something that’s easy to make fresh, every single morning. When your pan is already nice and hot spray it with a little bit of olive oil. And then pour in the eggs.

What you’re going to do is you’re going to pull the eggs from side to side on skillet. And use a spatula especially if you have a non-stick skillet. So that way you’re not scratching it up. You don’t want that nonstick coating coming off. And right when they’re almost through to keep them nice and fluffy take it off the heat and finish cooking. Perfect!

Tortilla Wrap

All right now let’s make our wrap. Now for the wrap we’re going to take a whole wheat tortilla. Then may be use a spread or a sauce as a base just to give it a little bit of fun flavor. And then add in some spinach, some beautiful cherry tomatoes. Take eggs place them right on top. This helps to wilt some of that spinach. Then wrap it all up, slice it down the middle and BOOM! Got ourselves a quick egg veggie wrap.

Snack one

Now for snack number one we’re gonna have some hummus and some bell peppers. And you can either make your own hummus or you can just get some store-bought hummus. Just take bell peppers and just slice them down the middle. The most important thing this snack is supposed to give you another great dose of fresh vegetables. You can finish this off with some feta cheese or a tablespoon of olive oil. Sprinkle some spices and there you go your first snack is done.

Meal Two

All right so for meal two, we are making a shrimp orzo pasta salad. With lots of raw veggies you’re going to love it! First thing we’re going to fire up a pot bring it to boil so we can cook up our orzo. While that’s preparing itself and getting hot we’re actually going to fire up another skillet. We’re going to spray it with a little bit of olive oil then add the shrimp. Season it pretty minimal because there’s going to be a lot of seasoning in the salad itself. Add a pinch of sea salt and some pepper. And let that sear and cook up.

While the pasta and shrimp are cooking start to prep your veggies. Dice some onions and cucumber. Slice open some cherry tomatoes to add some brightness and extra punch of nutrients to your salad. When shrimp is finished add it to a bowl so it can begin to cool down.

Bring It All Together!

Next take some beautiful fresh basil and place them right on top of the parsley roll them up and dice it up. By this time your pasta will be done cooking. Now it’s time to bring these all together. Take a bowl and add your pasta and veggies in it. Then add some fresh lemon here and then sea salt, some black pepper. Hit it with a little bit of olive oil and lastly our cooled down shrimp. Yes! Add that in and mix everything together, fold everything together and Boom! It’s ready.

Snack Two

We’re gonna have a green apple protein shake. This is something that you can blend up at the very beginning of the day. And then just carry with you or keep it in fridge. We’re going to add in skimmed milk then toss in a green apple. Now toss in some spinach and then you’re going to add a scoop of your favorite protein powder. Then pop the top and blend it up and just like that add it to your shake glass. And oh yeah that’s some good stuff that’s really good healthy Mediterranean food. All right then you can enjoy this with your choice of nuts.

Meal Three

For dinner meal we are going to make some really really healthy Mediterranean food. We are whipping up a batch of this amazing Mediterranean chicken. Heat up a skillet and get some oil on it. When the oil is nice and hot add boneless chicken cubes. Hit that with a little bit of salt and pepper and let the chicken cook until it’s nice and golden. You can use fish or shrimp instead of chicken all would hold up well with this recipe.

Now for more flavor, heat a pan and add some minced garlic. And then as soon as that garlic is nice and fragrant add some chopped up artichoke hearts. Add some red peppers and then we’re going to balance all of that out with some really beautiful kalamata olives. Now add some kale, cherry tomatoes. Stir these up for two minutes and it’ll be ready. So there you go you guys got a dinner that you can feel incredible about healthy Mediterranean food with a beautiful blend of flavors that the whole family will love. Now you can enjoy this just as it is or you can serve it on rice

So that’s it for today’s Healthy Mediterranean Food. All the recipes in this meal plan can be prepared in under 20 minutes. So there’s no excuse about you not having enough time to prepare yourself a healthy home cooked meal. Plan your meals for the entire week so that way you can inch closer to your wellness goals.