Things People Get Wrong About The Paleo Diet

Things People Get Wrong About The Paleo Diet

October 8, 2021 2 By Marriam

Now all the diets out there, of all of them the Paleo diet is the number one Googled diet around the world for two years in a row.  Tons more folks bragging about how they've changed their bodies from using this diet. In fact there's so many I can go on and on but I'm not going to. Because despite all the googling out there, there's still a lot of misinformation about this diet. But let’s talk about paleo diet a bit more first.

What’s Paleo Diet?

paleo diet

Paleolithic diets have been around for decades but it's coming back and it claims to be science though science doesn't really back it up. Also known as caveman diet, it claims humans are eating the wrong things. Proponents assert that we should be eating the things that our human ancestors were eating and nothing else. This means eating lean meats, fresh fruit, fish, vegetables, eggs, nuts and seeds. And natural oils like Olive, coconut. But it also means that we should not be eating things like grains and other cultivated foods legumes, peanuts, peas, lentils, beans and dairy products and starches and processed sugars.

How Paleo Diet Works?

The benefits of a Paleo diet is that it's really cleaning out your eating plan. People love that it's great for our bodies. It gives you more energy it takes away that sluggish kind of tired feeling that you often have. And it also helps you lose weight however, you do have to look at the whole plan. Sometimes with the Paleo diet you're actually missing some vitamins and minerals. It is especially lacking in calcium and vitamin D. This may lead to bone disorders such as bone pain, osteomalacia and osteoporosis.

Why Paleo Diet Is Unhealthy?

One of the focuses in the Paleo diet really is meat. And in the whole scheme of life you shouldn't be doing too much red meat. So that's one of the drawbacks. Because meat is very satisfying, it has fat. So it gives you that satiety and it makes people feel good. And I don't think that's a good positive benefit to the diet.

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They should be focusing on the whole grass-fed meat, getting more of your fish and more of your organic eggs. And then getting the vegetables and fruits in most of the recipes too. Another thing in Paleo diet is actually that the fat that you are allowed to consume is not very good for your heart. So from a cardiovascular standpoint we do have to be careful there. It's definitely one of those plans that if you want to follow it you need to check with your doctor. Because it can change your labs. You might lose a little bit of weight but all of a sudden your cholesterol might go up.

The biggest misconception is about these hunks of meat. Because you don't actually have to have excessive amounts of meat on this diet. It's not just meat meat meat. I recommend about a palm-sized serving of protein. So you can do this wild-caught salmon or postured eggs or this grass-fed beef. And then you're really filling the rest of your plate with vegetables. So you can do some starchy vegetables like butternut squash or a baked potato. And then with some of the kind of leafy greens and more nutrient-dense vegetables. And add some fruit if you want either to the meal or as a side. So, maybe some peaches, some apples and then finally you're gonna add some healthy fats. So roughly half of your plate is vegetables. Yeah and it's a good mix of starchy stuff and some of the more nutrient-dense stuff.

How much fat per meal?

fat per meal

So for things like avocado, you can do between a quarter and a half of an avocado. Or you could do a closed handful of nuts and seeds. Or about a tablespoon or two of oil like avocado oil extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil for your cooking. Alright so big myth you have to only meet


So one of the things that I would encourage if you are going to take some of the benefits of Paleo would be to incorporate more of healthy fats. Such as olive oil, avocado and some of your nut oils. In general, if you follow a diet rich in lean protein and plant-based foods you will feel fuller longer. Which will help to control blood sugar. Reducing those spikes in blood sugar is great for keeping our energy levels and stress hormones in check. The bottom line is Paleo diet can help you if you tweak it. But also use some of research knowing that healthy fats are going to be the way to go along with your plan. So make wise choices.

Stay healthy and happy!